Global Media Outreach

GMOEvery day, millions of people conduct spiritual searches. Who are these people? They are people in crisis: facing loneliness, addictions, suicide, abuse, divorce and hopelessness. With nowhere to turn, people are turning to the Internet in astonishing numbers trying to fill the emptiness inside. We need to be there to meet them at their crossroads when they are most ready to listen!

Global Media Outreach (GMO), an Evangelical Christian Internet outreach ministry, provides access to worldwide websites where searching people find "the answer" to life's many questions--Jesus. Here at CCG (like many other Calvary Chapels) we have our own local GMO online community.

Here's how it works:

  • GMO has websites world-wide where millions respond to the Good News
  • GMO provides training, resources and a local Community Leader
  • Emails are received on the GMO website (not your personal email inbox)
  • GMO provides a safe and secure online system; no one sees your email address
  • You decide how much time to spend online and how many emails to receive
  • You share your faith with people from around the world from the comfort of your home
  • The process is simple: if you are a follower of Jesus and can send an email, you can be an Online Missionary!

What is an Online Missionary?

You can be the Missionary who meets people at their crossroads by helping others know and understand the Gospel message. Online Missionaries have no expense; no travel; no being away from home and family. God is calling Believers with a passion for the lost; willing to serve Jesus online. While you will minister in your own language, a second language will allow you to be even more effective.

What Requirements Must I Meet?

You must:

1. Be able to provide the name and email address of a spiritual leader who will give a reference for you (such as your Pastor, Mentor or Bible Study Leader).
2. Be at least 18 (due to legal restrictions).
3. Have reliable access to the Internet and must agree to check your account regularly (2-to-3 times a week).
4. Have significant experience in your walk with Jesus (at least two years). Online Missionaries minister to people with a wide variety of needs and questions.
5. Complete all training.

After your application is approved, you will receive a link to a series of brief Training Videos as well as a Training Manual to be used for future reference. When you have watched all the Training Videos, you can begin your "on the job" training by responding to emails with assistance of a community mentor.

    How Do I Become an Online Missionary?

    A Training Community Leader will be available to help, encourage and pray for you. After graduation, all trainees are assigned to our local Calvary Community where you will be mentored by Brad Farrow (former pastor, experienced Online Missionary and GMO Community Leader/Trainer).

    To apply, contact CCG's GMO Community Leader:

    Sign Up TodayBrad Farrow
    (770) 402-6745

    (Brad will need your email address and name.)